MYASTERIX project is expected to have a major impact in following key areas:

Impact on MG patients: During the project, we will evaluate the anticipated benefits of a targeted therapeutic approach for MG requiring only three injections which can bring significant and lasting improvement or even a cure to MG patients. We will compare this novel treatment to current options such as general immunosuppression, which cannot cure but only control the disease, and incomplete symptomatic relief, which can only be achieved by the frequent (every 4 hours) administration of drugs like acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. The side effects of the MG therapeutic vaccine are expected to be comparable to current prophylactic vaccines. The vaccine will therefore compare favourably to the current drugs used to treat MG, which cause numerous and severe side effects.

Medico-economic impact on patients and society: Reviews that have evaluated the current treatment strategies for MG, their numerous and severe side effects as well as their costs (Juel et al., 2005), indicate that the total average cost of treatment including all known side effects is well above the average cost of MG medication alone. Many patients also remain significantly disabled, which reduces their quality of life and their ability to work, thus causing lost revenue not only for the patients but also for society as a whole. If our vaccine is successful we will fix the market price of CV-MG01 based on the effective QALY improvement and/or the saving on the average yearly cost of treatment of MG patients. This approach will generate considerable benefits for patients and society by replacing all the primary and secondary costs with the sole cost of the vaccine and its straightforward three-injection procedure.